Happy News!

Posted by Robin

TessaTwo items of happy news today! First, our video processing system is back in operation — you may have noticed the video posted last Saturday — and we are catching up on our backlog. Look for another video to be posted later this week.  

The second item is even more exciting; so much so that I’m jumping the gun a tiny bit by posting about it here, as it won’t be officially launched until this weekend. A brand new website is being added to CyberDyke: the Land of Ahhhs! It’s dedicated to the sensual, hedonistic and deliciously pervy explorations of our very own Tessa. If you’re a frequent visitor, you’ve seen her on Sappho’s Girls, and if not you should really go check her out! But first, visit the Land of Ahhhs! She just posted a sassy review of a cute little vibe over there and there is much more to come! Or ummm… well, you know what I mean…  :-)

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The New Girl Tools

Posted by Staff @ CyDy

Welcome to the new and improved Girl Tools Blog! If you’ve been following our escapades at all, you’re aware that we previously used Blogger as our site platform and that we found out that it was tempermental, to say the least! For periods of days — even weeks and once over a month! — it would refuse to publish our posts. This of course was no fun for you, or for us.

So Meredith, our Blogress and All-Around WonderPerson of Things Technical, set up this great new blog using WordPress. We’ve been testing it out and everyone here is quite impressed! So now we can start getting caught up with posting lots of sexy reviews, and of course the pics and videos that are the proof of the pudding!

In addition to being much more reliable and offering some cool features, we think this new design is easier to read and navigate. But it’s what you think that’s important! We’ve imported the existing posts from Blogger, so you’ll see a mix of old and new review formats here. We are still experimenting with review formats so if you see something you like — or don’t — or things you think we’ve neglected, leave a [polite] comment! [You can leave an impolite comment if you really can’t help yourself, but all that will happen is that we will share with all our friends and have great fun at your expense. Best not to go there…] But give us some feedback! Would you like to be able to pick your own theme? Do you have any recommendations? Would you like to send us your own sex toy reviews? Let us know!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our site. We’re think you will find it quite … ummm… informative! :-)

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Last week, we lost our video editing machine. We also discovered that an external hard drive we use for video seems to have died and the DVDs we use for back up are all reading properly in any DVD reader except the one that burned them, and that one is flaky! We are rebuilding our video editing machine — new motherbroad, new harddisk, new system install — and it’s almost finished. We reinstalling all the software today. Next we get to see what we may have lost because of our hard drive and DVD problems. Blechh…

This is all the more frustrating becuase we have so much really cool [well, we like it!] video on the way: Anna trying three different toys; Penny trying glass and lucite dildos both ways; Penny and Anna trying out a new strap-on harness and more; more of Lena Ramon, including a very hot video of an explosive orgasm with a Pocket Rocket; Satine with her favorite pink vibe, Candice trying out a Hitachi for the first time — she was so excited we gave her one on the spot! — and new cummers Carmen and Nadajh! It’s all in the cue and more besides! So please be patient with us while we get all of this sorted!

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Video Updates!

Posted by Robin

We just posted the promised video of Roxxie masturbating with the Fukuoko power pack! Go check it out! Her full review is below, be sure to see that too!

Next we’ll have Roxxie testing the Scorpio anal vibe, and after that Anna & Penny give a new dildo harness a very hot test drive. Check back soon!

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Updates & News

Posted by Robin

We are now uploading our hi-res streaming videos in Large-format — 640×480 instead of the normal 320×240! Three large-format videos of Jenni Lee have just been posted!

Members: go here to see them!

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