Rebecca - Pocket Rocket

Posted by Robin

rebecca - pocket rocketoverall recommendation: lil smoochlil smoochlil smoochlil smooch
Rebecca wanted to try out the pocket rocket. Her verdict: very nice by itself but even better with a vibrating dildo! Adding the Echo with a bullet vibe did the trick very nicely. We’ll be posting her full review very soon, but for now you can check out her video here, if you’re a CyDy member.

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Anna & Penny - Jaguar Harness

Posted by Robin

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!
You should know that strap-on’s are serious business: being stuck with — or sticking your girl with! — a cheap, flimsey, insecure harness is a fate worse than death! But fortunately there’s Aslan Leather to make the Jaguar Harness for us. It’s pricey but oh so worth it! Penny gave Anna a very thorough fucking .. that is, testing … with it and was all aglow with the results!

We have video or this encounter and as soon as we get or video editing system back in order, we’ll have it posted!  (more…)

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Posted by Staff @ CyDy

Last week, we lost our video editing machine. We also discovered that an external hard drive we use for video seems to have died and the DVDs we use for back up are all reading properly in any DVD reader except the one that burned them, and that one is flaky! We are rebuilding our video editing machine — new motherbroad, new harddisk, new system install — and it’s almost finished. We reinstalling all the software today. Next we get to see what we may have lost because of our hard drive and DVD problems. Blechh…

This is all the more frustrating becuase we have so much really cool [well, we like it!] video on the way: Anna trying three different toys; Penny trying glass and lucite dildos both ways; Penny and Anna trying out a new strap-on harness and more; more of Lena Ramon, including a very hot video of an explosive orgasm with a Pocket Rocket; Satine with her favorite pink vibe, Candice trying out a Hitachi for the first time — she was so excited we gave her one on the spot! — and new cummers Carmen and Nadajh! It’s all in the cue and more besides! So please be patient with us while we get all of this sorted!

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Anna & Penny - Hitachi Magic Wand

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Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!
Anna was actually not familiar with the Hitachi Magic Wand. She was most intrigued though and wanted to try it out on Penny before she had a go. Penny of course had no objections! If there is anyone more adorable than Penny when she’s cumming, we have yet to meet her!

And yes, Anna loved it! You should check her out at her own site,! (more…)

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