Strap-on Advice!

Posted by Staff @ CyDy

blogress.jpgMeredith, our intrepid blogress, has posted some invaluble advice on strap-ons and dildos over at the CyDy Blog! If you haven’t been reading our Blog, please do check it out! Meredith regularly posts on news just for us, network updates, and fun tidbits for everyone!

June 30, 2006. Meredith, Strap-ons. No Comments.

Anna & Penny - Jaguar Harness

Posted by Robin

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!
You should know that strap-on’s are serious business: being stuck with — or sticking your girl with! — a cheap, flimsey, insecure harness is a fate worse than death! But fortunately there’s Aslan Leather to make the Jaguar Harness for us. It’s pricey but oh so worth it! Penny gave Anna a very thorough fucking .. that is, testing … with it and was all aglow with the results!

We have video or this encounter and as soon as we get or video editing system back in order, we’ll have it posted!  (more…)

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