Ben Wa Balls

Posted by Robin

Name of Product: BenWa Balls
Reviewed by Roxxie

Product Description: Two gold colored metal balls slightly larger than marbles in a nifty little box
Price (approximate): $12
Where purchased: Good Vibrations
Overall recommendation: 

Ben Wa balls are a nice alternative to penetration. They don’t move around unless you move around. They are best with a vibe; I tried them with the Fukuoko Power Pack — pretty nice! By themselves, they don’t do much for me. To get them out just sit up and they will work their way out.

What first got you interested in it? The controversy! I’ve heard so many things about Ben Was, I just had to try them out myself

Does it come in different colors and sizes? Nope

What is it made out of (plastic, rubber, latex, silicon, glass, etc)? Stainless Steel

Can it cause an allergic reaction? probably not

If it is a toy specific for one use (say, anal), or can it be used for different things? Vaginal only

Is it a one-person toy or a two person toy? One person — but I suppose
another person could help…

How comfortable is it? Smooth

Is it hard or soft? hard

Does it have ridges or edges that bite? no, they’re smooth

Is it safe for anal use? No!! Please for the love of god don’t use them anally!

Would you put it in your mouth? There is really no reason to, and you wouldn’t want to swallow them or choke.

Is it safe to use in water, e.g., bath tub, hot tub? Sure!

What should you use to clean it? What should you NOT use to clean it? Just a little soap and water or a clean cloth.

Is it well-made? Oh yes

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