Lumina Wand

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Lena

Name of Product: Lumina Wand
Product Description: Hard, clear pink acrylic dildo: 6.5″x1.25″
Price (approximate): $28.00
Where purchased: Here!

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

Lena adds the Lumina Wand to the Pocket Rocket to combine clitoral with intense G-spot stimulation.  The Lumina Wand has a stylish shape that curves for easy G-spotting. Shatterproof and silky smooth, the Lumina’s acrylic warms quickly to the touch. Two knobs at the base make a firm, easy-to-grip handle, or a nice altenate shape to fuck yourself with. Only 1 1/4″ at the widest point, it is not intimidating — just right for those who prefer a moderate toy. Lena certainly likes it. Watch the results!


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Acrylic Dildo

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Carmen

carmen2.jpgName of Product: Acrylic Dildo
Product Description: Clear knobbed dildo; part of a set
Price (approximate): [check site]
Where purchased: JT’s Stock Room

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

Our second review by Carmen, a sweet natural lady with a very strong sex drive! Carmen tends to prefer hard and ridged dildos to vibes: she likes strong G-spot stimulation and likes an almost rough fucking. The carved Celtic dildo was pretty good for that but didn’t have enough texture for her tastes; this dildo was better. The knobs gave a nice graduated stimulation while massaging her G-spot and the length allowed her to “go deep!” which is another thing she likes. Easy to clean and gare for too, but keep it in the nice cloth bag it came with to prevent marring the acrylic.   (more…)

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Celtic Dildo

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Carmen

carmen1.jpg Name of Product: Celtic Dildo
Product Description: Carved synthetic ivory Celtic Dildo
Price (approximate): $30.00 [when I got it]
Where purchased: Blowfish 

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!

Carmen is a sweet natural lady with a very strong sex drive! When she came across Girl Tools she wrote us and asked if she could test some toys for us. She likes hard and ridged toys, so we gave her this carved Celtic dildo to try out. (more…)

July 29, 2006. Dildos, Carmen. 1 Comment.

Waterproof Swirl Vibe

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Friday

Name of Product: Waterproof Swirl Vibe
Product Description: Waterproof plastic ridged vibe
Price (approximate): $30.00 [when I got it]
Where purchased: Good Vibes

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

This vibe is a favorite of mine because it produces a nice strong vibration and is waterproof which makes it especially easy to clean. I really like the way the ridges feel and it’s good for stimulating your G-spot too! (more…)

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Sean Michaels Dildo

Posted by Robin

Reader Review

We love it when readers send in reviews of their own toys! Realistic dildos are not to everyone’s taste (we prefer the more sculpteral functional varieties ourselves), but they do have their place, especially in the mind of this reader, and well…  ah… other places!

Name of Product: Sean Michaels Dildo
Product Description: A very very big “realistic” rubber dildo, ostensibly modeled after porn star Sean Michaels’ penis. 9″ long, 1-1/4″ diameter
Price (approximate): $60
Where purchased: Good Vibrations

Overall recommendation:smooch!smooch!smooch!

L writes: “I got this dildo for its size. I like to be stuffed. And it doesn’t seem to “sweat” like the cheaper rubber/vinyl dildos, which is nice. It has a suction cup on the base, which can come in handy. It’s way too big to fit in a harness. Although Good Vibes recommends you use condoms over porous rubber toys, getting a condom over this monster can be a challenge. (more…)

July 14, 2006. Dildos, Readers. 1 Comment.

Jack Rabbit Vibe

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Lillith

Rabbit vibeName of Product: Jack Rabbit
Product Description: Rotating vibrator with pleasure pearls inside & little rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation
Price (approximate): $40.00
Where purchased: Xandria catalog

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

I got the rabbit because of the multiple things it does. I like being tickled as well as penetrated. There are a lot of varients of this vibe on the market, including remotre controled one now! This is the only one I’ve tried so I don’t know the other stack up. It is very good for producing a nice vaginal orgasm! (more…)

July 10, 2006. Lillith, Vibes, Dildos. 1 Comment.

Phallix Glass Dildo

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Sasha Monet

sasha monet glass dildoName of Product: Dichroic Spiral w/handle (double-ended glass dildo)
Product Description: 7″x1.25″ curved rainbow dichroic wrapped shaft with a 3.5″ handle and 1.5″ rounded head
Manufacturer: Phallix
Price (approximate): $110 wholesale
Where purchased:

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

We are so lucky to get top model Sasha Monet here on Girl Tools reviewing her favorite glass dildo! Here’s her review: “I always wanted one of these mostly because they are so pretty! They just look so cool! But they can take a bit of getting used to. I like the hard smooth feel of glass dildos and you can do some neat sensation play with them — chill them down, blindfold your girl and fuck her with one of these and she might just do through the roof! But I admit that’s not for everyone. If you don’t like cold dildos, warming this puppy up in a lukewarm bath will do the trick; the glass retains heat nicely once it gets to the right temperature. If you don’t like hard rigid dildos, of course, this toy isn’t for you. And they are pricey! But I love mine and I definitely plan to get more shapes & sizes!” (more…)

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Pocket Rocket + Echo

Posted by Robin

overall recommendation: lil smoochlil smoochlil smoochlil smoochlil smooch
The promised video of Rebecca adding the Echo dildo with a bullet vibe to her pocket rocket experience! Twice as nice! We’ll be posting her full review very soon, but for now CyDy members can check out her video here!

June 9, 2006. Rebecca, Vibes, Dildos. 2 Comments.

Hop’n Stroker: A Rabbit Vibrator

Posted by Meredith

reviewed by Meredith

Oh, wow. I recently had the opportunity to test a “rabbit” vibrator, and I just have to say…wow. I have actually owned one for a few years, but we’ve never really used it; it’s the regular kind with the swirling pearls.

I recently got the Hop’n Stroker rabbit vibrator from The Rabbit Vibrator. I was attracted to this model because it has a very special feature: it thrusts. Most rabbits have swirling pearls somewhere along the shaft, usually with some additional shaft beyond them. The Hop’n Stroker, on the other hand, has a little accordion section, and then the head. It has a bunch of buttons on the front - only some of which made sense to me - and it takes four AA batteries.

So anyway, I’ve owned a rabbit vibe for a long time, but I’d never really tried it. What on earth was I waiting for?! Having a vibrating dildo that attaches the vibrator right where it belongs is awesome. I like to be penetrated, but it’s not all about the penetration. And a vibrating dildo, while fun, isn’t quite right either. (As a side note, if you’re going to insert the head of your Hitachi Magic Wand, use a Reality female condom - it’s bigger than a regular condom and much easier to get over the bulb.) But the rabbit vibrator is just right! As soon as my girlfriend turned it on, my eyes got big and I started saying “oh wow” a lot.

The Hop’n Stroker is definitely an interesting device. I think it’s best if you have more nerve endings deep in your pussy - I couldn’t really tell it was thrusting as opposed to the typical swirling down near the entrance. But the really great feature of the Hop’n Stroker was the “Auto” button for the bunny. It really spices up solo play, because it adds a lot of mystery to what’s going on! My girlfriend did have a note of caution about this button, though - if you don’t want to use the auto function, be careful how you hold this vibe. We were going along great, but then her hand slipped and it really threw me off! (The other buttons, except for speed up and down for both bunny and shaft, were a mystery…I hope to someday figure out what “F” and “C” mean.)

Overall, though, the Hop’n Stroker was a lot of fun. It was a wild new experience for me and I can’t wait for my girlfriend to try it too! I also want to recommend The Rabbit Vibrator again for your rabbit vibe needs. It’s run by a very friendly lesbian and they have many different kinds of rabbits - waterproof, rechargeable, slimline, Internet-enabled (!), hands-free, and more!

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Blue Venus Vibrator

Posted by Robin

Reviewed by Lena

Name of Product: Blue Venus Vibrator
Average price: $24.95
Available at: Adam & Eve
Overall recommendation:

This is a simple, basic battery-powered vibrator with a strong action. It may not look like much but it made me ejaculate! That’s rare for me, especially with a vibrator, so I give it a strong thumbs-up!

April 1, 2006. Lena, Vibes, Dildos. No Comments.

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