Hello Kitty Vibe

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Sapphire

hello kitty vibeName of Product: Hello Kitty “personal massager”
Product Description: a cute little pink plastic wand atop which sits The Kitty holding Her teddy bear
Manufacturer: Sanrio
Price (approximate): $30

Where purchased: Good Vibes

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!

I wanted this vibe mainly becuase it’s cute. It’s a cat. It’s pink. What else do you want? Seriously, it’s not worth $30 in my opinion — more like $15, but it’s a cute fetish/collector’s toy, a great conversation piece, and I’m glad I own it. (more…)

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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

Posted by Robin

Reviewed by Sapphire

Name of Product: Rabbit Pearl Vibrator
Price (approximate): $80
Where purchased: Our Store
Overall recommendation:

Playing with the bunny is a commitment, not for a quick fix. To get full benefit, have some time and a hankering for penetration - this ain’t for pussies! ;)Kidding - it’s great for pussies, really! If you’re going for a quick clitoral O, grab Hello Kitty. Sure you can just use the clit stimulator part of the Rabbit and forgo the rest, but it seems somehow wrong, a waste. (Maybe it’s just me, but it’d be like Disneyland without the Matterhorn or in-home candlelight dining with no sex.) However, if you have some quality time to spend with your bad self, you’ll likely find the experience quite complete, and probably find the sensation from the pearl base uniquely pleasurable, especially when combined with the clit stimulator. A staple in any masturbateuse’s toy collection. I can’t think of anything better! (more…)

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