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We love it when readers send in reviews of their own toys! Realistic dildos are not to everyone’s taste (we prefer the more sculpteral functional varieties ourselves), but they do have their place, especially in the mind of this reader, and well…  ah… other places!

Name of Product: Sean Michaels Dildo
Product Description: A very very big “realistic” rubber dildo, ostensibly modeled after porn star Sean Michaels’ penis. 9″ long, 1-1/4″ diameter
Price (approximate): $60
Where purchased: Good Vibrations

Overall recommendation:smooch!smooch!smooch!

L writes: “I got this dildo for its size. I like to be stuffed. And it doesn’t seem to “sweat” like the cheaper rubber/vinyl dildos, which is nice. It has a suction cup on the base, which can come in handy. It’s way too big to fit in a harness. Although Good Vibes recommends you use condoms over porous rubber toys, getting a condom over this monster can be a challenge.

Does it come in different colors and sizes? No

What is it made out of? Rubber

Can it cause an allergic reaction? It’s possible

If it is a toy specific for one use (say, anal), or can it be used for different things? Well, it can be used for different orifices — if they stretch…

Is it a one-person toy or a two person toy? Essentially a one-person toy, though an extra set of hands helps!

How comfortable is it? Relatively comfortable. I mean, it’s big!

Is it hard or soft? Softish

Does it have ridges or edges that bite? No

Is it safe for anal use? Yes

Would you put it in your mouth? It doesn’t fit :), but yes

Is it safe to use in water? Yes

What lubes are safe to use with it? Best off with water-based

What should you use to clean it? What should you NOT use to clean it? Any form of soap and water should do

Is it well-made? Yes

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  1. Penny replied:

    L, you’re more of a woman than I’ll ever be. ^_^;;

    August 4th, 2006 at 2:12 pm. Permalink.

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