Happy News!

Posted by Robin

TessaTwo items of happy news today! First, our video processing system is back in operation — you may have noticed the video posted last Saturday — and we are catching up on our backlog. Look for another video to be posted later this week.  

The second item is even more exciting; so much so that I’m jumping the gun a tiny bit by posting about it here, as it won’t be officially launched until this weekend. A brand new website is being added to CyberDyke: the Land of Ahhhs! It’s dedicated to the sensual, hedonistic and deliciously pervy explorations of our very own Tessa. If you’re a frequent visitor, you’ve seen her on Sappho’s Girls, and if not you should really go check her out! But first, visit the Land of Ahhhs! She just posted a sassy review of a cute little vibe over there and there is much more to come! Or ummm… well, you know what I mean…  :-)

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