Red Latex Dual Vibe

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Lillith

Red Latex Dual Vibe

Name of Product: Red Latex Dual Vibe
Product Description: Vibrator with a forked tip
Manufacturer: California Exotic collection
Price (approximate): $15.00
Where purchased: Xandria catalog
Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

I got this toy because the shape was intriguing and it looked like it could be fun in more ways than one! It can be used for insertion or clitoral stimulation or nipple stimulation. It can be easily enjoyed during partner sex by both. I have been enjoying it.

What is it made out of? Latex,

Can it cause an allergic reaction? Yes, some people are allergic to latex.

Is it is a toy specific for one use, or can it be used for different things? I have used it for different things; nipples, especially

Is it a one-person toy or a two person toy? It can be used alone or with a partner

How comfortable is it? It is comfortable to hold & use.

Is it hard or soft? Soft.

Does it have ridges or edges that bite? None

Is it safe for anal use? It could be

Would you put it in your mouth? Sure

Is it safe to use in water? No

If a vibe, is it battery powered or does it plug into the wall? Batteries.

What kind of vibration/action does it have? Adjustable & pretty powerful. I don’t like the full strength

How adjustable is the speed? Not a real wide range.

Is it noisy? (will the roommates hear it?) Not too noisy, but if someone stood out side your bedroom door they might hear it.

What lubes are safe to use with it? Any lubes to avoid? Use water based lube with latex

What should you use to clean it? What should you NOT use to clean it? I just use hand soap

Is it well-made? Seems so.

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