Lipstick Vibrator

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reviewed by Penny

Name of Product: Lipstick Vibrator
Product Description: The name is self-explanatory, but it’s a vibrator that looks like a tube of lipstick.
Price (approximate): $20.00-$27.00. (Found on sale for $15!)
Where purchased: Here!

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

I’d been wanting one of these purely because they were so cute, but it’s become my favorite toy — after the Hitachi and Eroscillator, of course. While it isn’t my first choice to use during masturbation marathons, I love it as a sex aid. Because it’s cordless, I can grab it and put it straight to use without crawling around on the floor searching for an outlet, my lifted ass sending a false invitation for anal. In addition, because it’s so small, I can just place it against my clit and it doesn’t get in the way during missionary penetration, 69ing, etc.

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Does it come in different colors and sizes? Comes in black and red or silver and pink. What is it made out of? Hard plasticCan it cause an allergic reaction? No.If it is a toy specific for one use, or can it be used for different things? A fairly versatile toy, but best used on one’s clit. Produces some interesting vaginal sensations, but not long enough to reach the G-spot.How comfortable is it? Very. Easy to hold and the small, smooth head feels great tingling away at one’s nether regions.Is it hard or soft? Hard as they come, but in a good way.Does it have ridges or edges that bite? It hasn’t bitten me, but sometimes the base comes off, creating a potential pinching situation.Is it safe for anal use? Not for insertion.Is it safe to use in water? NoIs it battery powered or does it plug into the wall? BatteryWhat kind of vibration/action does it have? One-speed, fast vibration

How strong is the vibration? Strong enough to get the job done. Not so strong that it will hurt.

Is it noisy? (will the roommates hear it?) It’s supposed to be for discrete public use, but the loud humming makes that an impossibility–although a pillow pressed over it can help. Several people have mistaken it for an actual tube of lipstick, or at least not a vibrator. So, if you’re visiting Mom and Dad and have a soundproof box to crawl into, you can pack this baby along without worrying that anyone might notice it.

What should you use to clean it? As I refuse to share it, I just go over it with a baby wipe and maybe some alcohol. Because it’s hard, you can do almost whatever you feel is called for. Just make sure it’s dry before re-inserting the battery!

Is it well-made? The vibe does tend to turn itself off or even come apart, usually right at the moment of ecstasy when one is really going at it. Still, the design is so convenient and cute, that I’m willing to take the trouble to make sure I’m holding the top and base together.

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