Strap-on Advice!

Posted by Staff @ CyDy

blogress.jpgMeredith, our intrepid blogress, has posted some invaluble advice on strap-ons and dildos over at the CyDy Blog! If you haven’t been reading our Blog, please do check it out! Meredith regularly posts on news just for us, network updates, and fun tidbits for everyone!

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Marilyn Rechargeable Vibe

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Angelene

angl_gt_042.jpg Name of Product: Marilyn Rechargeable Vibe
Product Description: Hard plastic waterproof vibe, about 1″ by 7″
Average price: $27.00
Where purchased: Early to Bed, Chicago’s dyke-owned woman-run sex shop. 

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

This is really good vibrator. It’s got an infra-red heated tip, which is very nice on cold nights, and can be turned off if you don’t want it; it’s got two speeds, it’s waterproof (it makes bathtime lots of fun!) and it’s rechargeable! You never need batteries, just plug it in and charge it right alongside your cell phone. Also, the waterproof feature makes for much less “am I killing this vibe?” worries when you clean it. I loved all the bang I got for my buck!

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Phallix Glass Dildo

Posted by Robin

reviewed by Sasha Monet

sasha monet glass dildoName of Product: Dichroic Spiral w/handle (double-ended glass dildo)
Product Description: 7″x1.25″ curved rainbow dichroic wrapped shaft with a 3.5″ handle and 1.5″ rounded head
Manufacturer: Phallix
Price (approximate): $110 wholesale
Where purchased:

Overall recommendation: smooch!smooch!smooch!smooch!

We are so lucky to get top model Sasha Monet here on Girl Tools reviewing her favorite glass dildo! Here’s her review: “I always wanted one of these mostly because they are so pretty! They just look so cool! But they can take a bit of getting used to. I like the hard smooth feel of glass dildos and you can do some neat sensation play with them — chill them down, blindfold your girl and fuck her with one of these and she might just do through the roof! But I admit that’s not for everyone. If you don’t like cold dildos, warming this puppy up in a lukewarm bath will do the trick; the glass retains heat nicely once it gets to the right temperature. If you don’t like hard rigid dildos, of course, this toy isn’t for you. And they are pricey! But I love mine and I definitely plan to get more shapes & sizes!” (more…)

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Silver Stud — or not

Posted by Robin

Reader Review

Name of Product: Silver Stud Butt Plug
Product Description: Metallic-ish silver, 3-1/4″ insertable length; 1-1/8″ at widest point, 3/4″ neck.
Manufacturer: Tantus
Price (approximate): 13.00
Where purchased:

Overall recommendation: smooch!
What she actually said: “This thing sucks.  Yep, I wrote ’sucks’. While I find the style of this plug amusing and it is easy to insert, this toy did not arouse me one-tenth as much as it annoyed me.   I won’t go so far as to say that it ruined the kinky afternoon of ass-tastic delights my lovers and I had planned, but it certainly put a damper on things!  The first time we tried it, I was bent over Boi’s knee for the spanking I so richly deserved.  After a few swats, it popped out.  Okay, fine.  It was a hard spanking.  Probably very jarring. Our Grrl dutifully ran to the sink to rinse it off so we could try again.

This time, I was on my knees, plug firmly wedged in place, Boi poised to enter The Heavenly Home with the strap on.  *Blurp*, there it went, from my ass to Boi’s waiting hand.  Quick reflexes, that one.  Patient, too, as you will see.  Peeved, I snatched it away and jammed it back in, to the giggly delight of Grrl.  “Just keep your thumb on it,” I said grimly, “it’ll be fine.”  Alas, I was wrong.  After a few thrusts, the incorrigible plug started slipping out, pushing against Boi’s thumb, deliberately, insolently. I swear it was smirking at me when it hit the floor.  I wasn’t going to let it win.  No way, sister.  I bought that damned punk-rawk plug for my ass, it was mine, I owned it, and it was going to stay in my ass whether it wanted to or not.  Heel, buttplug! 

I stuck the plug in again, then contorted myself into a precarious, quasi-yogic position.  It defies description, but I can tell you that my pelvis was in the air and the plug was pressed against the heel of my bare foot.  Whatever you can picture probably isn’t as ridiculous and stupid looking as the reality.  After adjusting a bit, I looked over to see my Boi and Grrl laughing the kind of silent, teary, hysterical laughter that can only be triggered by witnessing something so absurd.   Feeling sheepish,  I collapsed giggling into their laps.  The Silver Stud slid smoothly out of my body to the floor, where it glimmered in the afternoon sun, mocking me.

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Pocket Rocket + Echo

Posted by Robin

overall recommendation: lil smoochlil smoochlil smoochlil smoochlil smooch
The promised video of Rebecca adding the Echo dildo with a bullet vibe to her pocket rocket experience! Twice as nice! We’ll be posting her full review very soon, but for now CyDy members can check out her video here!

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Happy News!

Posted by Robin

TessaTwo items of happy news today! First, our video processing system is back in operation — you may have noticed the video posted last Saturday — and we are catching up on our backlog. Look for another video to be posted later this week.  

The second item is even more exciting; so much so that I’m jumping the gun a tiny bit by posting about it here, as it won’t be officially launched until this weekend. A brand new website is being added to CyberDyke: the Land of Ahhhs! It’s dedicated to the sensual, hedonistic and deliciously pervy explorations of our very own Tessa. If you’re a frequent visitor, you’ve seen her on Sappho’s Girls, and if not you should really go check her out! But first, visit the Land of Ahhhs! She just posted a sassy review of a cute little vibe over there and there is much more to come! Or ummm… well, you know what I mean…  :-)

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Hop’n Stroker: A Rabbit Vibrator

Posted by Meredith

reviewed by Meredith

Oh, wow. I recently had the opportunity to test a “rabbit” vibrator, and I just have to say…wow. I have actually owned one for a few years, but we’ve never really used it; it’s the regular kind with the swirling pearls.

I recently got the Hop’n Stroker rabbit vibrator from The Rabbit Vibrator. I was attracted to this model because it has a very special feature: it thrusts. Most rabbits have swirling pearls somewhere along the shaft, usually with some additional shaft beyond them. The Hop’n Stroker, on the other hand, has a little accordion section, and then the head. It has a bunch of buttons on the front - only some of which made sense to me - and it takes four AA batteries.

So anyway, I’ve owned a rabbit vibe for a long time, but I’d never really tried it. What on earth was I waiting for?! Having a vibrating dildo that attaches the vibrator right where it belongs is awesome. I like to be penetrated, but it’s not all about the penetration. And a vibrating dildo, while fun, isn’t quite right either. (As a side note, if you’re going to insert the head of your Hitachi Magic Wand, use a Reality female condom - it’s bigger than a regular condom and much easier to get over the bulb.) But the rabbit vibrator is just right! As soon as my girlfriend turned it on, my eyes got big and I started saying “oh wow” a lot.

The Hop’n Stroker is definitely an interesting device. I think it’s best if you have more nerve endings deep in your pussy - I couldn’t really tell it was thrusting as opposed to the typical swirling down near the entrance. But the really great feature of the Hop’n Stroker was the “Auto” button for the bunny. It really spices up solo play, because it adds a lot of mystery to what’s going on! My girlfriend did have a note of caution about this button, though - if you don’t want to use the auto function, be careful how you hold this vibe. We were going along great, but then her hand slipped and it really threw me off! (The other buttons, except for speed up and down for both bunny and shaft, were a mystery…I hope to someday figure out what “F” and “C” mean.)

Overall, though, the Hop’n Stroker was a lot of fun. It was a wild new experience for me and I can’t wait for my girlfriend to try it too! I also want to recommend The Rabbit Vibrator again for your rabbit vibe needs. It’s run by a very friendly lesbian and they have many different kinds of rabbits - waterproof, rechargeable, slimline, Internet-enabled (!), hands-free, and more!

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The New Girl Tools

Posted by Staff @ CyDy

Welcome to the new and improved Girl Tools Blog! If you’ve been following our escapades at all, you’re aware that we previously used Blogger as our site platform and that we found out that it was tempermental, to say the least! For periods of days — even weeks and once over a month! — it would refuse to publish our posts. This of course was no fun for you, or for us.

So Meredith, our Blogress and All-Around WonderPerson of Things Technical, set up this great new blog using WordPress. We’ve been testing it out and everyone here is quite impressed! So now we can start getting caught up with posting lots of sexy reviews, and of course the pics and videos that are the proof of the pudding!

In addition to being much more reliable and offering some cool features, we think this new design is easier to read and navigate. But it’s what you think that’s important! We’ve imported the existing posts from Blogger, so you’ll see a mix of old and new review formats here. We are still experimenting with review formats so if you see something you like — or don’t — or things you think we’ve neglected, leave a [polite] comment! [You can leave an impolite comment if you really can’t help yourself, but all that will happen is that we will share with all our friends and have great fun at your expense. Best not to go there…] But give us some feedback! Would you like to be able to pick your own theme? Do you have any recommendations? Would you like to send us your own sex toy reviews? Let us know!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our site. We’re think you will find it quite … ummm… informative! :-)

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