Fukuoku Power Pack

Posted by Robin

Reviewed by Roxxie

Name of Product: Fukuoku Power Pack
Product Description: Three vibrating fingertips attached with cords to the controller/battery pack that is held on your wrist
Price (approximate): $35
Where purchased: Our Store

Overall recommendation: 

What first got you interested in it? It looks all futuristic and sci-fi, and the plastic is
semi-transparent you you can see all the wires and things inside

Does it come in different colors and sizes? Yes you can get it in red, blue of black

What is it made out of? It is hard plastic with removable rubber fingertip sleeves

Can it cause an allergic reaction? It could if you are allergic to rubber

If it is a toy specific for one use?It is good for vibrating all your sensitive spots

Is it a one-person toy or a two person toy? There are three fingertips, so you could get three hands involved!

How comfortable is it? really nice

Is it hard or soft? each fingertip has a different pattern of ridges, concentric circles, three bars, and little dots

Is it safe for anal use? Probably not, you wouldn’t want to loose the fingertip sleeves inside you.

Would you put it in your mouth? Not unless I wanted to taste my lover’s juices

Is it safe to use in water, e.g., bath tub, hot tub? No!

If a vibe, is it battery powered or does it plug into the wall? It is battery powered.

What kind of vibration/action does it have? Nice! more fingertips mean more vibration.

How adjustable is the action or speed? It has a dial so you can adjust for your perfect vibration speed.

Does it come with accessories or attachments? There are little jelly rubber animal accessories that you can buy seperately.

Is it noisy? (will the roommates hear it?) If they are in the same room they might, but it isn’t so loud that it will wake up the neighbors

What lubes are safe to use with it? Any lubes to avoid? I think they all are, but the fingertips are so comfortable you might not need lube

What should you use to clean it? What should you NOT use to clean it? soap and water or a clean cloth, but be careful the toy is not waterproof

Is it well-made? Oh Yes!

Any general comments about this product? The band that holds it on your wrist is a bit small. It is made with elastic so it will stretch, but be careful that you don’t cut off circulation to your hand.

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