Scorpio Anal Probe

Posted by Robin

Reviewed by Roxxie

Name of Product: Scorpio
Product Description: A black flexible anal vibe 5 7/8 in. long and 7/8 in. wide
Price (approximate): $24
Where purchased: Good Vibrations
Overall recommendation:

What first got you interested in it? I originally got one as a gift and I burned out the motor, but I loved it so much I had to have another one

Does it come in different colors and sizes? No

What is it made out of (plastic, rubber, latex, silicon, glass, etc)? only if you are allergic to rubber

If it is a toy specific for one use (say, anal), or can it be used for different things? It is designed for anal use, but it can also be used vaginally

Is it a one-person toy or a two person toy? one-person

How comfortable is it? Really comfortable!!

Is it hard or soft? Hard, but it is jointed so it is bendable

Does it have ridges or edges that bite? It has ridges, but they are just from the joints

Is it safe for anal use? Oh Yes! Of course!

Would you put it in your mouth? You could, but I personally wouldn’t put an anal toy in my mouth

Is it safe to use in water, e.g., bath tub, hot tub? No!

If a vibe, is it battery powered or does it plug into the wall? Battery vibe

What kind of vibration/action does it have? It just vibrates like a bullet vibe would.

How strong is the vibration? medium-low

How adjustable is the action or speed? from low-low to medium-low

Does it come with accessories or attachments? No

Is it noisy? (will the roommates hear it?) Not really. It is much quieter than other vibes

What lubes are safe to use with it? Any lubes to avoid? Lubes are certainly safe, and highly recommended for anal use.

What should you use to clean it? What should you NOT use to clean it? Soap and water. Using condoms will makes cleaning 100% easier. The toy is not waterproof so be careful when cleaning it.

Is it well-made? Oh yes!

Any general comments about this product? This one doesn’t have an off switch so please take the batteries out after use. It is also great if you are just experimenting with anal sex, and if you decide you don’t like anal toys you can still use it vaginally.

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